“The BTS MFV book has been completed and sent to print! You can now get your paperback hard copy. BTS MFV is the 2nd mixbook installment. Stay tuned for more work with Mila & Fire and of course more mixbook magic.” Order the book here

During the Afro-Punk Festival in Brooklyn, New York, one of our favorite jewelry designers and best friends was photographed by the NY TIMES adorned in our threads from head-to-toe. “Nyne Lyves, a 24-year-old jewelry designer from Washington, D.C., mixed patterns in a leopard-printed tube-top and a floral skirt from Mila & Fire.” Read More

Find your niche. This is Mila & Fire cofounder Kelcie Glass’s advice to young entrepreneurs, but also seems to be the mantra for her fashion company. For the past three years, Glass and business partner Morgan Powell have developed a brand that is constantly evolving with its customers – and that’s what makes it unique. 

Glass and Powell met before college through mutual friends, and built a long-distance best friendship through their collegiate years while Glass studied marketing and public relations at UNC-Chapel Hill and Powell studied fashion merchandising and French at VCU. After graduating, they both realized that they needed a creative outlet for their interest in fashion. READ MORE 

We were recently featured on Vibe Vixen as a Top 10 Growing Brand to Follow! We are extremely honored and appreciative of the recognition. ” Best friends Morgan and Kelcie took their desire to stand out in a crowd and created a brand that does just that. Their e-store exudes “individualism, style and sex.” With their added services of styling, this duo makes sure that you not only shop in style but dress fly as well.” READ MORE 

February Covergirls “We fell in love with the beautiful gals behind Mila & Fire and their inexpensive, sexy and reasonable clothing over the holidays. Now we’ve crowned them this month’s cover girls! They are smart, talented and host such fun networking events and promo codes on their newly launched siteRead More 

Now getting ready to release their new looks for Spring, Mila & Fire are reconstructing, styling, and doing a lot more than just vintage clothing. Dropping the “V” and going with Mila & Fire will be a branding choice that allows them to expand. Here are a couple shots  from their Winter look book. Read More 

“The model of beauty resides within the splendor of passion along with an elegant display of composure. The rhythm of language is presented in many different forms of shaded colors that are artfully seen & heard. To construct designs that involve incorporating evolvement is prominence, which is expressed by the ladies, the two best friends known as Mila & Fire.” Read More

“Bringing sex appeal disguised as vintage silhouettes, is what comes to mind when talking about Mila & Fire Vintage. The vintage line is ran by 2 best friends, Mila & Fire. Hints the name LOL but as you should already know we love to find fresh brands to cover and Mila & Fire is that! Fresh, Sexy, Young and ambitious are a few words that come to mind. They are a very complementary duo.” Read More

 “Playlists are my thing. My iTunes library is full of lists for everything under the sun; workout songs, slow R&B, mid-tempo R&B, Classical, sampled music, and random “I just want to drive” playlists are all categorized because I love when music identifies with my mood. So, as I browsed through my playlists a few months ago, I got to thinking that it would kind of cool to see what music some of my favorite musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and fellow bloggers have on hand.” Read More  

“So I heard about Mila & Fire vintage from “The People” , just constantly seeing the mentions on twitter and the dope ass pictures that they produce I needed to learn more. They recently participated in a tradeshow networking event with us at Lincoln University that was a success by the way. After the trade show , I paid close attention to their movement and I am impressed.” Read More 

Mila & Fire Vintage is back with some breathtaking new pieces. I liked them so much I decided to add my touch to the situation just to show you guys just how powerful these pieces are. I support the Mila & Fire Vintage Brand and what sets them apart from other platforms & brands is their price point.” Read More 

We were featured in one of Bryon Summers “Create & Brand” episodes. He really delved into our relationship and why we work so well together. The video was shot right before one of our Sip & Sales. Watch Video

“Love shopping Vintage? Let Fire of Mila & Fire Vintage show you and Big Jesus Magazine how it is done.” Watch Video 

“Mila & Fire Vintage allowed me to follow them for several weeks capturing images of their creative process. Check out a small piece of what I experienced hanging out with two very lovely, creative, and driven women.” Watch Video 

 “Their sexy influenced digs definitely helps bring a end to that cookie cutter vintage representation that most owners deliver in their lines. Mila & Fire’s appeal isn’t just sexy because they show skin but its the confidence that they add to their line;which makes it naturally sultry.” Watch Video 

Meet Mila and Fire, best friends who have taken their love for fashion and design to create their own webshop filled with reconstructed vintage pieces. The girls, who have been involved in styling, fashion, and public relations since their college days, are designing a platform for other young artists to connect, network, and build. Watch Video